Yesterday was pretty horrendous, I ate cakes, I ate biscuits, bread, the lot!  I had such a good week, but I’ve lost no weight (this was before yesterday – although even now I still weigh the same). On Friday I decided to take my measurements, about two months ago my sister took my measurements for […]

Back on track

So I have to admit that last week I struggled not to eat everything in sight! Last Monday, I went out for tea (which was a real struggle) but I knew what I would eat and worked around it for the rest of the day courtesy of MyFitnessPal and my Fitbit. We went to a […]

The Return

So unfortunately I have neglected the blogging world for a little too long now. I said on my last post that my next post would be late and well, talk about late! But you will have to forgive me as I had the biggest exam of my life on the Thursday that has just gone. […]


Once again, I best apologise for being behind. I try and try to get into a routine of posting it each morning, but as you can already tell, I’m in no routine what so ever!   But anyway, enough about me failing as a blogger. Lets talk about that lovely evening video I put myself […]


       If you read my last post (which has a couple of views so someone has) then you will know how little I want to complete this next video. You’ll have to bare with me because I’m super excited that my blog is finally receiving views (as minimal as they may be, still […]


Obviously with two posts being posted today you can tell I am still getting used to finding time to blog and post. But we are getting there don’t worry! So yesterdays excise was inspired by Joe Wicks or as you may know him, The Body Coach. I don’t know (if like me) you follow his […]